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There are truly no words for the angels on earth who spend their days and nights, their weekends and holidays with those who need them the most.  Every single human at Hospice Wellington took care of my Dad and treated him with the love, kindness, grace and compassion like he was family.

My Dad was always at his best when he was being social, making people laugh, doing kind things for strangers and simply in the company of others.  Because of Hospice Wellington this is how he was able to spend his final days.   I do not doubt for one second that he felt loved, safe, supported and cared for until the very end.

Their compassion extended to my Mom, myself and my husband who were with him round the clock and they made sure we were always comfortable, fed and supported and not once did we ever feel any other way.

Everyday I am truly thankful for Hospice Wellington and although I don’t believe I can ever repay them for what they did for my Dad and my family I know that they RELY on donations to continue to provide to others what they so graciously provided for us.

This year we HIKE FOR MIKE, because I know without a shadow of a doubt he is so thankful and grateful for everything and that he would want us to do all we can to pay it forward and give back.

On behalf of my Dad, the sweetest man I knew, please support me in helping to give back to those who gave so much to my family.

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Serena Reis $50.00 June 03, 2021
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Eric DesGroseilliers $50.00 May 15, 2021
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Richard Desgroseilliers $20.00 April 29, 2021
Brigitte Lorenz $50.00 April 28, 2021
Jaime Rosa $50.00 April 28, 2021
Filomena Rosa $50.00 April 28, 2021
Jill Cuplowsky $20.00 April 28, 2021
Nicole Church $100.00 April 27, 2021
Jean-Pierre DesGroseilliers $50.00 April 27, 2021
Colleen Fawley $30.00 April 27, 2021
Meghan Atkinson $20.00 April 27, 2021
Anonymous $75.00 April 27, 2021
Kayla Carreiro $25.00 April 26, 2021
Joanne Corbeil $25.00 April 26, 2021
Natalie Friese $25.00 April 26, 2021
Ashley Thomson $25.00 April 26, 2021
Nicole Anderson $25.00 April 26, 2021
Nicole Reis $100.00 April 26, 2021
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