What is Hike for Hospice?

Hike for Hospice is normally an outdoor event where people from all over the community gather for a hike, BBQ and support. During these challenging COVID-19 times, we will be running our 2nd virtual Hike for Hospice. This event supports those that have lost loved ones to life-limiting illness, their families, and all going through the grieving process in our community. It is open to absolutely everyone, and all funds raised will directly support Hospice Wellington’s programs and services, which we offer free of charge to all clients.

How Can You Help?

You can help by gathering other family members and friends to start a team and raise money for Hospice Wellington. Or, you can donate to a team to help support. You can have an individual team if you wish, too! Whether you are hiking for a loved one that was at Hospice Wellington, or just in the memory of someone you loved deeply, every reason is a good reason.

How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Tax receipts will be issued by Hospice Wellington for donations $20.00 or greater at the end of the campaign. You can expect your tax receipt by the end of June.

How to register and then start your team/campaign.

To Register: (you must register before starting a team / individual campaign)

1) Click Login/Sign Up above the navigation bar. (If using a smartphone, click the three black lines at the top)
2) Add your information under the Register area.
To Start a Team: (make sure you have registered)
1) Click Start Your Team / Individual Campaign in the top navigation bar.
2) Proceed through the process of setting up your team.
3) Be sure to check the box beside Are you a team? (You must enter the info of at least one other team member before saving your team. You can add more later from the My Account menu)
Note: If you wish to have your own team, that is great! Simply do not click the I am a team box and you’ll be all set!

Smartphone Sign Up

Click the three black lines just below the URL to find the Sign Up button. From there, follow the directions listed above for Starting a Team / Individual Campaign.